The $NFTCTG Token is an BINANCE SMARTCHAIN-based utility and governance token that can be used in a variety of ways to drive the growth of the NFTCATALOG ecosystem.

    Token is primarily used to build the basic token economy on our platform by serving as payment, staking, reward, unlock items, purchase NFTs, yield farming, NFT wrapping, NFT promotion, gas compensation, trading fees, participate in special events, game modes, and governance unit.

    Most of the token utilities listed above will come up on 2022-2023 as the project evolves.


Based on blockchain technology, $NFTCTG returns true value to content creators around the world, and creates a space where creators, developers, investors, distribution platforms, and learners can gather together and coexist. 

A total amount of 100.000.000 $NFTCTG tokens will be issued and distributed in the following way:

A. LIQUIDITY: 30.000.000 $NFTCTG Tokens will be will be distributed in the exchanges on which the token will be listed. Token fair launch will be on the decentralized Pancakeswap exchange.


  • 2.000.000 $NFTCTG Tokens will be reserved for distribution to ADVISORS & INFLUENCERS

  • 3.000.000 $NFTCTG Tokens will be reserved for future COLLABORATIONS & STRATEGIC PARTNERS

  • 6.000.000 $NFTCTG Tokens will be reserved for project marketing and exposure. Tokens are locked and every 3 months, 1.000.000 $NFTCTG Tokens will unlock.

  • 10.000.000 $NFTCTG Tokens will be reserved for project development. Every 3 months, 2.000.000 $NFTCTG Tokens will unlock.

C. LOCKED TOKENS: 20.000.000 $NFTCTG Tokens are locked and every 6 months 2.5% are unlocked and if that amount of tokens is not needed for listing on new exchanges then the tokens will be burned.

D. PUBLIC SALE: 15.000.000 $NFTCTG Tokens will be distributed for PUBLIC SALE with no vesting for investors.